My Ziplining Experience @Kisames Camp Ngong 

Friendly Disclaimer to my dear readers; It’s been a while since I was here, as you guys know I’m taking a break from blogging for rejuvenation purposes coz I want to give you only the best. (according to my good friend I better start writing again before my best blogger champion title in school is taken away from me) 
So here goes a little Sth for you guys to indulge in and forget for a minute or 3 how much you’ve missed me…

Ps. I miss you too guys !

There are very few things in life that have the ability to captivate just about everyone from the often fearless little 4yr old to the brave but wiser adult and everyone else who falls somewhere in between. Ziplining at Kisames is one of those things. Entertaining,exhilarating and memorable to say the least!

What Oxford dictionary defines ziplining as; A cable or rope stretched between two points of different heights, down which a person slides for amusement by means of a suspended harness, pulley or handle.
What I define ziplining as; kick ass activity -safe must do adventure- that will leave you wanting more!

Although I’ve heard about ziplining, this was my first experience and I was a bit apprehensive about the safety factor but after the orientation and one-on-one equipment check I was totally at ease. (That’s if you consider me screaming my lungs out as ” “relaxed & at ease”)

While at the top; I expected ziplining to be akin to an extreme sport but truth is it was like soaring. It’s not just for the thrill seeker but for everyone, except if you’re more that 90kg. This was my 1st time ziplining and it was an incredible experience. Kisames promised adrenaline and delivered in spades! The first step off the platform was exhilarating!
 Plus, I kept thinking I’d die😅 so I made sure to tell some teammates that all my money should go to charity just incase (haha, which money?) Anyway, that’s on a lighter note.

What came as a surprise,though, was the smoothness of the tide, the calm. The quiet, except for the sound of the harness moving along the zipline (music to my ears) and the pure magic of being suspended in the air.The scenery is magnificent; the Ngong hills and the dam and blue sky contrast!
The staff were helpful, knowledgeable, safety conscious and determined that every participant had a wonderful experience. Before set off, they patiently went through how everything worked,helped you with your gear and gave a demo.
Overall, it was an amazing experience! Beautiful, stunning views and amazing staff. The guides are excellent and ziplines and scenery can’t be matched! The owner and his daughters just iced the package especially the 11year old. She was so friendly; she even gave me a brain teaser 😅 

Moreover Kisames is top in the line in safety as long as you follow the instructions. I would highly recommend this for anyone !


Those interested in the next event only 60 seats available. First come, first serve… 

Date: 14th January, 2017  

Cost: Ks. 3,950 all inclusive

The main features of the Event include: 

-Roadtrip with great company from Nairobi to Kisames, Ngong and back

-Scenic view of gazelles, giraffes and buffaloes at a distance

-Zumba dance with professional facilitators

-Professional team building with facilitators training on motivation and change management, etc

-Unlimited use of over 30 low, medium and high ropes in an obstacle program

-Zip lining on 30 feet high and 500 feet long zip lines and other lines varying in height and difficulty

-Afternoon nature walk to the dam

-Fun Dam Water games

-Enjoying awesome views of the amazing sunset and the nearby Ngong Hills

-Feasting on Maasai – grilled meat with creative accompaniments, drinks and deserts

Kenyans – 3,950 

Residents – 4,500

Non-Residents – US$ 50 dollars, (Ks. 5,000)

Kids (Below 12) – 3,000

The cost package caters for:-

-Transport from Nairobi and back in a bus or van

-Entry fee to the Camp

-Zumba dance

-Professional tour guides

-Professional team building facilitators

-All zip linings

-All obstacle courses

-All low ropes, medium ropes and high ropes challenges

-Wall climbing


-Buffet lunch

-Mineral water




*To book a seat, pay Ks. 2,950 by 7th January. The remaining 1,000 will be paid on the day of the event. For more details, inbox the word “KISAMES” followed by your phone number. 


Till Number: 988 297 

 Cell: 0721 585 333/ 0729 039 534/ 0780 039 534 

FB: Elyzza Tours & Adventures 

IG: @Elyzza Tours & Adventures 

Twitter: @Elyzza Tours   


OFFICE: Bitha Plaza, Ground Floor, Muranga Road. Opposite former KIE, next to Pioneer International University. 

Elyzza Tours & Adventures



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