What’s a Party without Cake?

Hey. Hope your October 2015 is amazing as mine💙
Here’s something to make it more awesome! 
My friend makes the most delicious cakes on planet earth. From blackforest to cupcakes. Here’s the little interview we had… 



*My name?  I prefer that to be anonymous for now 🙂

*My hobbies? – Playing piano, swimming and baking of course.

*I started baking when I was in high school. This is because I am a cake addict and I used to spend all my money on cake, so in order to save I decided to start baking and experimenting.

*My favorite type of cake….. That’s a hard question cause I like almost everything, but probably i would side with a white or a blueberry forest cake.

*The most number of cakes I’ve made in a day are six.

*As for cupcakes, the most I have done is 250 cupcakes in a day.

*At the start it’s fun, because you enjoy it and you’re doing it as a hobby. But with time it gets a bit tiring , if you have orders for everyday.It’s a very very time consuming thing because you have to bake the cake, leave it to cool, sponge it if necessary and then start icing it and decorating it. If you don’t plan yourself well, you could spend almost 12 hours in a single cake. But in the end,

But in the end, it never disappoints because when you make a nice cake, and the customer is happy, the feeling is amazing.

*Challenges I’ve faced. The main one would have to be starting it up. As a student there’s only so much resource you could save up to, and for the first few times, you have to reinvest all the money so that the business keeps going. But after the first few rounds of orders, your money is paid back in full measure.

Another challenge is that people don’t really trust home made cakes, so they’re hesitant to order. This of course gives you psyche as a baker to ensure that your cakes taste and look amazing so that you can change people’s opinions. But again, almost all these bakery owners started as home bakers…..

*For people who have never tried baking, I would encourage them to try it out. It’s such an amazing feeling when you remove the cake from the oven and taste it, and you think to yourself, wow, did I make that?

To the girls, it will come in handy at some point in your life, you might want to make a birthday cake, surprise someone, or even a simple dessert for your family at home, cake never disappoints!

*Boys who can’t make pancakes 😳 I wouldn’t judge you because I also learnt how to make pancakes not so long ago….

*To beginners, make and remake the cake until it becomes perfect. Use your friends or family as your Guinea pigs. Ask them to taste and give you their opinions, and once they tell you a specific cake is perfect, write the recipe down and stick to it. There’s also a myth that girls who can cook can’t bake and vice versa, I think it’s very possible to manage both, if you want to.


*Incase you’d like to make orders or have any question, you could DM my Instagram page,



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